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Love at first sight, but you're taken


He couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked into the room.

I mean, he thought this must be a sign from heaven, an angel descending onto earth just for him. She walked like she had no idea she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. From her ripped skinny jeans that were cuffed…

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Little Girl (Ashton smut)


"You don’t want to go out tonight?" You asked, trying to hide the disappointment in your voice.

"It’s not that I don’t want to… I’d just much rather have a quite night with you instead! C’mon, doesn’t it sound nice not having to get all dressed up? You can just come over in your sweats and we…

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5sos Masterlist (Updated)
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You visit him on tour:


Harry: It’s been 3 months since Harry left you do on tour and in about 4 days it’ll be you and Harry’s 1 year anniversary. You got the usual phone call in between rehearsal and right before they all went on stage, and of course a facetime call usually once…

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excuse me zayn could you please explain

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Imagine Liam getting over protective and starts taking boxing classes to protect you more at night and at clubs.
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Niall’s Fifty Shades of Grey preference. It’s probably my favorite. 

I sat on my chair at work. The desk was piled with files I had to check and whatnot. The worst part was that I had to leave in an hour…well my shift was almost over. I didn’t want to continue to doing more work. I’m sure Mr. Horan would understand. I was just an extra person in the office to help. I was an intern, actually. I would leave, but two reasons detained me. The pay was really good and Mr. Horan. He was beautiful, young, and kind. 

Mr. Horan was very attractive. He had amazing blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and the cutest smile. He was perfect in every physical aspect. I didn’t know him like a friend would, but I would take the guess and say he is perfect personality wise too. From what I saw here in the office, he was nice to everyone. Mr. Horan was always smiling and greeting his employees. He was strict, but he was nice. If he had to raise his voice or be curt, he would. Thankfully, Mr. Horan had not been rude to me yet because I’ve done a great job if I say so myself. 

Jasmine suddenly opened the door to my office, scaring me half to death. I was so deep in thought that I didn’t notice I was not doing my work. 

"You scared me," I hissed at her. 

"Oh, Y/N, I wonder what you goes on in that head of yours."

Wishing I could talk to my boss as a friend, or even more. That’s what. 

"Nothing goes on. I’m just tired." I lied as usual. 

"Anyways, I came to show you something!" She said in a cheerful manner. 

"Not now, Jas. I have a lot of work and it’s almost time to go home. I need to get as much as I can done." I replied. 

"Ugh, fine. Then when you get home watch the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. It’s finally out!" She responded back before leaving. 

I rolled my eyes at her obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey. She had forced me to read the book as soon as we became friends. It was good if I must admit, but she was just crazy about it. 

In the end I ended up opening a new tab on my desktop. I clicked on the YouTube icon and searched for the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. I clicked play on the video and lowered the volume even though no one could hear it if it was loud. I had my own office. Mr. Horan had the office next to mine, but it was way bigger.

The trailer started off with Anastasia entering the company to interview Mr. Grey. As the book said, all the female workers were blonde. Anyways, Anastasia entered Mr. Grey’s office. They kept avoiding to show his face, but when they did, my heart sped up. It was Jamie Doman, my celebrity crush. A few seconds later into the trailer, things got hot. Mr. Grey had pushed Anastasia against the elevator wall and kissed her. I pressed my thighs together when Christian placed his hand on Ana’s leg when they were at dinner with his family. 

Before I could continue watching, the door swung open, making me pause the trailer immediately. 

"Jasmine, I already said I had a lot of work to do." I spoke up without looking, changing to a new tab. 

"My name’s not Jasmine," the person replied. 

I got scared, but hid it. I looked up quickly and I could feel my cheeks heating up. He looked so good. 

"Mr. Horan, I’m so sorry." I stuttered. 

"I need you to scan these files and upload them into our system. Give them to me as soon as you’re finish." He stated as he placed more files on my desk.

"That will take about an hour," I said softly. 

"And?" He asked curtly.

Spoke too soon about him raising his voice. 

"I leave in thirty minutes. Is it okay if I  finish tomorrow? You usually allow me to do that. I need to finish an essay." I sounded intimidated. Hurt even. 

"You’re going to have to stay until you finish. Learn to make adjustments to your schedule because this is urgent. Understood?" His hands rested on my desk as he leaned in to stare into my eyes. 

"Yes, sir." I whispered. 

His eyes wandered quickly to the computer before leaving. Thank God, I changed tabs.

It was 5PM and everyone was going to leave. At least the ones who work on this floor. I wouldn’t finish until 8PM at least. 

I sighed at the inconvenience and started to work as fast as I could. I turned to the computer and exited from the trailer tab. Damn Jasmine. I could have been caught. 

File after file, after scan, and repeat until I finished. It was a bit after 8PM. I took the files that Mr. Horan had asked for. I walked into his office, not expecting him to be here. 

I could feel the palms of my hands sweating as he stared intensely at me. I kept my head down as I walked to his desk.

"Here’s the files you asked for, Mr. Horan." I stated shyly as I remembered his curtness towards me a few hours ago.

He took them from me and placed them in the drawer by his desk. 

"I’m sorry for coming in without knocking, Mr. Horan. For not working fast enough." I apologized without thinking. 

"It’s fine, Y/N. Would you consider working full time for me? You’re a great intern, and I know you’re graduating in a few months." 

He caught me off guard, but I recovered quickly. Working full time for Mr. Horan? I bit my lip as I thought about it. 

"I don’t know. I really want to go into journalism." I answered honestly. 

He nodded and spoke up. 

"I want to apologize for my rudeness earlier today, so i’m sorry."

I accepted his apology and smiled slightly. I turned around when he told me to wait. I faced him silently and just stared at him. He leaned back on the wooden drawers behind him, reminding me of the trailer. I quickly looked down. If only…no, he’s my boss. 

All the women employees had a thing for him. Even Jasmine said she wouldn’t mind having him to herself. I never admitted that I was also into our boss. I had no chance. He probably had a girlfriend or wife.

"I want to apologize properly," he finally broke the silence. 

I looked at him again, but he was now in front of me. He grabbed my hand and my cheeks were crimson in no time. 

He led me to his desk and he suddenly pressed his body against mine. I gasped as I placed my hands on his chest. He made us stumble backwards onto his desk. As we went further back on it, he pushed things off. 

“Mr. Horan, where is this going?” I wondered. 

He cocked his head to the side as if I just asked the stupidest question, which I did. 

"I think it’s obvious," he answered. 

I felt his hand caressing my thighs from the inside of my pencil skirt. My breath got caught up in my throat as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft as I had imagined. The kiss was rough though, but good nonetheless. I moved my lips in sync against his. I pulled away as I felt his hand rub me through my underwear. 

Mr. Horan got off of me and he tugged on my skirt. I raised my hips for him to remove it. He loosened his tie to remove it, then came his shirt, shoes, and trousers at last. He pulled me by my ankles to bring me to the end of the desk. He reached for my blouse and started to unbutton it. I only stared at his beautiful features as he undressed me. 

"Mr. Horan, I don’t want to get caught." 

"We won’t," he assured me. 

"I don’t think it’s a good idea."

"Yet you’re letting me do this," he added to my sentence. 

He pulled me to a sitting position and pressed me against his covered erection. One of his hands slid into my underwear and he rubbed my clit. His lips kissed up and down my neck. His hand moved further down and he teased my entrance. 

"Already wet, Y/N." He smirked.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he continued to tease, then he entered two fingers in me. 

"Mr. Horan," I moaned quietly. 

"Niall, call me Niall." He demanded. 

He continued fingering me, increasing the pleasure as he pumped his fingers in and out faster. 

"Have you ever thought of this, Y/N? Have you ever thought of my kissing me? Were you thinking of me while you watched the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer?" 

"I fantasize about you, Niall,"  I whispered seductively before pulling him into another kiss. 

His fingers continued to pleasure me. When I was close, I held him tighter, but he stopped. 

Before I could complain, he removed our undergarments. He put on a condom quickly, before thrusting into me without warning. 

"Niall, fuck!" I groaned in pleasure and pain.

"God, you feel so good, baby girl. You’re fucking beautiful." He praised me. 

He allowed me to adjust before rocking his hips against mine. I clawed at his back as he thrusted harder and faster. 

"I’m coming," he groaned. 

I arched my back as I had my orgasm after him.

Niall stayed in me for a minute or so before pulling out. We got dressed quickly to go our own way.

"How was it?" Mr. Horan asked me about the sex.

"Great. The desk was uncomfortable though," I laughed lightly. 

"We’ll have to take it to my place then. To make it up."
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The Vamps visit SiriusXM Hits1 at the SiriusXM Studios on August 20th

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5 Seconds Of Summer - Self Titled Album // as pictures // part 1

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